“It was great show. I enjoyed it and plan to return the next time they are close to Orlando.”

“This circus group was so much fun. New group but did a great job entertaining, especially at the value ($15). Some of the shows were really good, time and money well worth! Good family fun day.”

“This show was amazing! I can’t wait to go again.”

“We had a great time. It was an awesome performance. We will go again to see them.”

“Wonderful event, cannot wait to see them when they come back again!”

“Loved it and my grandkids where enthralled. Would definitely go again”

“Cirque Italia was a great experience. We had so much fun! I met the creator of Cirque Italia and some of the performers. They were so down to Earth. After the show, it started raining. I couldn’t go out in the rain because I have a cast on my leg, which can’t get wet, and I have to move around on crutches. So, I had to wait inside the huge tent while my wife drove up to pick me up. The creator of Cirque Italia saw me standing there on my crutches. He dragged over a table to me so I can rest on it my until my wife drove up. He then had a gentleman rush out in the rain to open up the passenger door so I could get in quickly. I really appreciate their act of kindness. The Cirque Italia show was spectacular. Bellissimo!” – Gainesville – 3/25/2013″

“This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I wish that it was still going on locally so that I could recommend it to other friends or go see it again. I look forward to seeing their show again.”

“Absolutely LOVED the show! What an incredible experience!!! Thank you for sharing such talent with all of us! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for you all as you travel the country sharing this with the US! Thank you again to Manuel for the personalized attention provided to us last night! I am blown away at how much he truly cares about each of the patrons! My daughter adores the Italian Mardi Gras Mask!!! Thank you so much again!!!”

“Thank you so much for the incredible show last night in Ocala. The beauty and artistry are unparalleled. It left me refreshed and uplifted. Let me know when you are heading to Gainesville. Bravissimo!!!”

“Awesome show last night. So glad that I got the chance to see it. Telling all to get there this weekend before you leave!”

“So I think I’ve had the Cirque Italia Fever these last few days, I went once on a saturday night… and loved every bit of it… so i decided to go saturday and sunday of this weekend.. and let me tell you every show is different, every single time i went it was more dramatic, heart pumping, majestic, and you can actually feel the connection between the performer to the performance. 1st i want to congratulate Nicolette Fornasari for giving such a great performance, you are so talented and your soo beautiful!, If there were one word to desbribe you it would be PERFECTION , you have a great future ahead of you girly:)
2nd Vova Kim, oh Vova, you and Nicolette make the cutest couple, you are a great dancer and tumbler, you can actually tell that your practicing makes your performance on the spot amazing, hope you and Nicolette have a wonderful time performing together and look forward to seeing you guys again in Kissimmee. 3rd Facundo Kramer I was actually very impressed by your performance, its very dramatic and you tell a story to the audience of a young lad like you with your graceful splits and strength, i am also looking forward to seeing you next time. 4th Ruslan Dmytruk Honestly i will say your act is the most unique act I’ve ever seen. All the concentration you must have put into your act to have 6 balls flying everywhere at the same time ha ha and loved the mask:) 5th Chelcie Carpenter and Ariel Valeiras make the best Duo I’ve ever seen, from the cute sailor act to the your families act i can honestly say you two put forth so much effort into you performances and for everyone else also, its amazing what you guys can really do when you set your mind to it.
And last but not least Coco Kramer:) Coco, You are very funny and as well and equally talented, if it weren’t for you the breaks between each performance would be very boring, but i mean that in a good way:) And lets not all forget about Manuel Rebecchi!!!!, for creating such a fantastic Circus!!!!, I can tell that your Circus will be HUGE someday and millions of people around the world will be dying to attend your event, i mean, who doesn’t already?
I leave this long heartfelt letter with you guys and hope to see you soon again!!!!!”

“Quiero agradeser la oportunidad que nos Han dado de admirar sus talentos en el show tan especial en Ocala. Estava fabuloso! Lo disfrutamos mucho! En otra palabra– BRAVISIMO!”

“Went yesterday for the evening show. LOVED IT. Thank you for being an ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE circus! And to top it off at such an affordable price when in comparison to others. Again, loved it!”

“I got to go to tonight’s show as a gift for my birthday from my best fried. Probably one of the best gifts ever! You guys are amazing! Completely captivating performances!!!”